Fast, secure Vps Hosting.

Reliable storage solution with full root access

Easy and fast service management merged with secure and scalable infrastructure

Storage VPS

Storage VPS Plans

Name RAM Storage Bandwidth Port Speed Price Order
Storage 1 0.5 GB 256 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps ₹ 375/m Order Now
Storage 2 1 GB 512 GB 4 TB 100 Mbps ₹ 495/m Order Now
Storage 3 2 GB 1024 GB 8 TB 100 Mbps ₹ 745/m Order Now
Storage 4 4 GB 2048 GB 16 TB 100 Mbps ₹ 1249/m Order Now
SSH and Root Access
Dedicated IP
Easy Upgrades
OpenVZ-based virtualization
24x7 Support
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Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is VPS Hosting ?
VPS Hosting is a reliable and scalable hosting option. Users are getting a secure virtualized environment like a dedicated server, but at half the cost. This allows for greater stability and performance of your website.
How much activation time it takes ?
Once you are done with your required VPS hosting, our concern team will start making setup for you immediately. Once our team made complete setup and provides you login credentials for your control panel then you can start working on your virtual server.

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