cPanel DNS Manager + Domain Parking

cPanel DNS Manager for WHMCS is an addon module that allows customers who have only domain names without a hosting package to manage DNS zones of their domain names. It is integrated directly into WHMCS template under the Domains Management area. Once client enters DNS Manager for a domain name, the module will automatically connect to a cPanel account and create a zone file. Client will be able to add/edit/delete DNS records via DNS Manager interface.





The cPanel DNS Manager Owned License. This module license is suitable if your business only uses one domain. Free support and updates for the first year. Once that year ends, it sends an invoice to you for renewal. It will be $19.99 for the year. After payment, you will continue to receiving support and updates on our module release. If you do not want to continue, you can email us to cancel the invoice - Optional Renewals.

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